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Amnon Ganot

Profession: Reliability Engineer (CRE), System Engineer, Electronics Engineer
Year of Birth: 1950
Nationality: Israeli
Marital status: Married +2
Phone: +972-54-4942373
Address: P.O Box 164, Yavne , Israel  8110101
Current Position: RAMS & Standard Compliance Expert
                               System Engineering & Reliability Consultant

CEO, CTO and owner of Gertron Ltd. (Rishon‐Lezion, Israel)

Gertron Lts. deals with the development, production, and maintenance of electronic equipment and
industrial systems. A partial list of projects which were developed by Gertron Ltd.:

  • Automatic phone dialer(1971)

  • Stereo home amplifier(1972)

  • Speaker Phone (1973)

  • Pulse Generator(the developmentis ordered by the School of Medicine of the Technion) (1974)

  • Automatic dialing system and message broadcast for alarm systems

  • Temperature controllers,On‐Off, Proportional and PID, temperature controlled heating systems for laboratories, research and industry

  • Power controllers for heating elements and electricalmotors (Ac&DC) using both phase and burst control.

  • Programmable temperature controller with a temperature profile programming capability for high temperature ceramic  furnace (industrial)

  • Programmable data acquisition and analyzing systemfor collecting and processing data on eating habits of rats (the development was ordered by theHebrew University)

Work Places:

Reliability Expert at Orbotech Ltd (Yavne, Israel)

2009 - present

Responsible for writing and implementing reliability and maintainability methodologies, including integration in the PLM (Project Lifecycle Management). Serve as RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) knowledge base point of contact for all Orbotech divisions and subsidiaries worldwide. Instructing and coaching Orbotech and it ssubsidiaries’ employees worldwide in DFR (Design For Reliability) and DFM (Design For Maintainability).

2010 - present

2010 - present

Self‐employed Reliability Consultant at Gertron, Ltd.(Yavne, Israel)

2009 - present

Primary customers are Hewlett‐Packard Invent (includingHP Indigo and Scitex), Standards Institute of Israel.

Director of RAMS and standard compliance atOrbotech, Ltd.(Yavne, Israel)

2006 - 2009

Establishment and management of a Reliability Laboratory. Formation and implementation of Reliability, Maintainability and Design for Safety methodologies as well as integration in the PLM (Project Lifecycle Management). Serving as RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) knowledge center point of contactfor all Orbotech divisions and subsidiaries worldwide.

Project Manager at Orbotech, Ltd.(Yavne, Israel)

2004 - 2006

FSM (Fast Stirring Mirror) and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) filtration system active carbon based. During this period I also served as system engineer for the plotter system for the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) market.

Manager, imaging technologies development at Orbotech, Ltd.(Yavne, Israel)
1999 - 2004

The work comprised of examining new imaging technologies and business feasibility, development ofimage processing based registration systems to be used in printed circuit boards manufacturing.

Project Management atOrbotech, Ltd.(Yavne, Israel)

1995 - 1999

Development of an innovative new plotter developing film without the use of chemicals. The development comprised of patented high power solid state diode lasers, patented Multi Channel Acoustic Optics Modulator (MCAOM) and sub‐micron dynamic focusing system. Managed development up to production transfer of the product.

System Engineer at Optrotech, Ltd.(Nes‐Ziona, Israel)

1990 - 1995

Developed an innovative Graphic Arts plotter which automatically createssignature on film.

Communications productline manager at Aerotel, Ltd. (Ramat‐Gan, Israel)

1989 - 1990

Initiating new projects, establishing product specifications, cooperation with the Israeli Chief Scientist, local and international standard compliance, technical writing (operational and service manuals), sales and marketing activities.

Project Manager at Laser Industries – Sharplan, Ltd. (Tel‐Aviv, Israel)

1987 - 1989

Development of medical laser systems. Establishing product specifications together with marketing. Supporting engineering, production and service support departments.

Project Manager at Robomatix, Ltd. (Petach‐Tikva, Israel)

1984 - 1987

Development of Industrial robot. Served also as the project system engineer.


ALD College - 2007

Reliability engineer. ASQ CRE and CREI certified.

Tel Aviv University - 1988

Masters in Business Administration (MBA), specializing in Marketing and information systems. Member of the Dean’s List.

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology - 1979

Bachelor's degree (B.Sc.), Faculty of Electrical Engineering,specializing in control, computers and energy conversion.

Graduated with honors.

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